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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Television debate - preaching the Gospel on inter-city buses

Pictured above, ASH's Vice Chairman, Harold Williams in TV debate with evangelical pastor on Sunday afternoon, 20th February. This is the third occasion on which Williams has  participated. Executive Secretary George Thindwa and former Blantyre Branch Chairman, Samuel Magombo, have also debated on this popular PDF Programme.
Evangelical preachers have taken to the main route inter-city buses where their captive audiences are harangued from the point of departure to some ten or more kilometers along the route when these mendicants solicit offerings from the god-fearing passengers before catching a return bus.
In a recent incident which featured in the national newspapers, ASH's Executive Secretary, George Thindwa, who objected to bejing subjected to this 'torture', was accused of Satanism. The bus driver and others, fearing his 'evil' influence, forced him off the bus at a Police road block after several hours of altercation.
The majority of the viewers  who phoned in during the programme were not in favour of preachers on board buses.

Free the Imprisoned Witches petition featured in on-line newspaper
The current on-line petition was featured in the popular on-line Malawi newspaper, Nyasa Times. The article expanded on the activities of ASH in relation to the campaign against witchcraft. The full article can be read at:

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