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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Science & Critical Thinking
Thank you, Bishop Kambalazaza
By Harold Williams  Published in Malawi's Sunday Times, 20 January, 2011
All gods are homemade, and it is we who pull their strings, and so, give them the power to pull ours. Aldous Huxley.
(Self-styled charismatic 'Bishop' Kambalazaza featured in a full page article attacking Secular Humanists in Malawi)
Thank you, Bishop Kambalalaza, for bringing my god back to life. His name is Thor. You haven’t heard of him? His name is a noun – a personal noun. And by your own definition anything that is a noun MUST EXIST. I thought this God of my Teutonic ancestors was dead, slaughtered by monotheistic myths from the deserts of Arabia. He is only one of a logical pantheon that my ancestors worshipped.
Poor Thor - no longer worshipped! He gave his name to a day of the week – Thor’s-day. The French call it Mardi for the Roman/Latin god, Mars. ‘Mardi Gras’ is ‘Lachinai la mafuta’ a day when people go wild, in ways that the ancient Romans would have loved, with parades that all sexually-oppressed Christians should condemn. In Rio de Janeiro, they celebrate with their lewd Carnival. In New Orleans’ Mardi Gras parade, Christians have a wild time fooling themselves that they are having a good old Christian fling on Holy Thursday before the period of self-denial that they call Lent – an ancient Germanic name, still in use, for the European planting season of Spring. It is a pagan festival of insemination, fertility and birth taken over by Christianity.
Moon-day is the day of the Goddess of the moon. Latinate speakers use the root ‘luna’ – ‘moon’ – as the base for French ‘lundi’ ; Spanish ‘lunes’; Italian ‘lunedi’. The god Wodin gave his name to Wodin’s-day. The Latin god was Mercury - ‘mercredi’ (French), ‘miercoles’ (Spanish), ‘mercoledi’ (Italian). The god ‘Frigg’  of my ancestors, ‘Venus’ of the Romans gave us – Frigg’s-day and Vendredi. The god Saturn gave us Saturn’s-day, the ‘sabbath’.
Thank you, Bishop, for bringing these nouns-gods back to life.
By your definition, if man has named it, it MUST EXIST - just like dragons and fairies. And you expect atheists to disprove your wild imaginings? It is for you to provide the proof. My imagination cannot fill in by wishful thinking what my intellect rejects. No one has come back after death to say they have seen god. Not revelation but the logic that I use for other phenomena will guide my beliefs.
My northern European ancestors gave up their own gods for the Christian god who had migrated over centuries, originally the god of Jesus the Jew, from Palestine through Greece and Rome. In the process Christianity underwent many man-made changes adopting Christmas, Easter, the Trinity, the virgin mother – oh, a whole host of stuff not mentioned in the Bible – familiar concepts from their old religions to make the new religion acceptable to people unhappy to give up their ancient gods, more often not through spiritual conversion but on the command of their rulers.
Over a hundred and fifty years ago the Europeans brought their god to Malawi. The majority in Malawi adopted the ruler’s religion.
God-nouns still exist. If being a ‘noun’ proves existence then all the gods of all times, in all regions, still exist. So how can there be only one true god? Or are all these gods really one god?
How to decide on the conflicting claims? War amongst religions of ‘peace’ is the normal outcome!
Coming upon so many conflicting and equally ridiculous concepts of god, we must agree that all gods are merely the inventions of man.
 In rejecting all gods, including the gods of my ancestors, we acknowledge that all are equally illogical.

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  1. Nice and poetic insights! But in light of the most important questions in life, how does your approval of the many beautiful and handsome mythical gods discredit the existence of one, almighty and supreme being ie the God of the Bible